Hello!  And welcome to our site!

My name is Brian Walker and I’m the creator of SpecialNeedsReview.com.   Notice that I said “creator” and NOT “owner”.  That’s because this site belongs to all the people who make use of it, from those who contribute their experiences and reviews to those who simply visit it to get a sense for who or what might be the best option for their loved ones who fall into the special needs category.

The reason I created this site is because I have a son, Christopher, who falls into the special needs category.  He is on the Autism spectrum and has seen his fair share of Doctors and other service providers.   Whenever we were to see a new practitioner we always found ourselves trying to find out as much as we could about them BEFORE the appointment.  Most comments were gotten by word of mouth.  It wasn’t always possible to get information so consequently we ended up with some real quacks.  Even when the practitioner seemed to be the greatest we found that in some cases they simply were not what they purported to be.   So, in order to save other parents time, money, frustration and most important, the time lost in treating their loved ones, I decided to start this site.

The way this site is intended to work is similar to the ubiquitous “Angie’s List”, the service provider review site.  People can share their experiences with various providers, programs, schools, etc. and post them here.  A major difference is that our site covers not only service providers, but therapies, services and products as well.  That means that if you’ve tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy for example, we’d love to know your thoughts on its efficacy so that we gain a sense for whether or not it might make sense for our child.  We want to know about your experiences and it can be whatever you want to share and as detailed or as brief as you want in order to express yourself and give others credible information they could use in order to render a decision with regard to using that service, product or provider.  The only thing we frown upon is the use of derogatory statements, aspersions, etc.   This cannot be tolerated and won’t be.  You are welcome to share your feelings just without the use of expletives and name calling please.

If a provider takes issue with anything said about them they have the ability and the right to address it.  They can share any information they want in order to qualify or refute what’s been said about them or their business.  I feel this is only fair and will help users to make a fully informed decision when it comes to using that provider, etc.

To use the site you have to register as a member  first.  The reason for this is because we want this to be a site that people can trust.  Anonymous comments are not welcome because they can be anything from someone trying to damage a providers reputation to a provider disguising themselves as a consumer and giving themselves remarkable ratings that simply don’t represent reality.  For this reason membership is required.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me at info@specialneedsreview.com


I struggled a bit over this issue as anyone who has a child with issues of any kind is already spending a lot of money on therapies, some of which are still not covered by insurance companies.  Despite this, I had to look at the realities and it does cost money to run a site like this, though not a lot.  So for membership I’m going to keep it realistic and reasonable.  The investment is $10.00 a year.  Hopefully, people don’t see this as excessive and understand that it may save them thousands or more over the long run.  And as I pointed out earlier, I want this to save them the most precious commodity of all: Time.  After all, time is what matters most when you’re talking about our kids.  You want to know that your child is getting the best provider, service, therapy and or product the first time without trial and error.  Just think about it, the time in our children’s lives that is wasted with a bad provider is something that cannot be refunded.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  THIS is why this site and others like it are necessary.

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