Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions (as of 6/4/14)

1. Purpose

The purpose of the site is for consumers of goods and services to share their opinions and information that is relevant and useful to consumers of services and products within the special needs community.
Through the site you have the ability and vehicle to provide your feedback and experience relative to whatever you are reviewing so that another person can, at their own discretion, utilize it – or not – as a factor in their decision whether or not to use that particular product or service themselves.
At the same time we are NOT telling anyone that they should or should not utilize the user-generated opinions and comments in their decision to use that product or service.
Think of if as a billboard. Information is presented on it and you can choose to heed it or ignore it. The choice of what to do with the information is completely your own.
2. First-hand experience only

I know this is an obvious one but I want to make sure it’s absolutely clear.
You should only write about a provider, service, etc. if you have personal first-hand experience with them/it.
There should be no opinions or comments or reviews based on what you’ve heard or read from another person.
If you do not have first-hand experience with whatever it is you want to review then do not write anything.
Another thing, do not comment on another person’s experience or review. Everyone’s experience is their own and they have the right to express themselves without fear of ridicule or condemnation. We will grant everyone free speech.
Remember, anything that you write relative to anything and everything is to be from your own experience. First-hand experience only.
3. Facts only please.

All of your reviews and ratings are to be accurate, honest, truthful, and complete in all respects. By your posting to this site you are asserting that any comments/opinions and accounts that you provide are fact-based and born of your own experience.
4. No disparaging language will be allowed – ever.

This is not a place where you take pot shots at providers, call them names or try to harm their reputation or that of their business. Such actions will not be tolerated.

I would not want it done to me and so I will not allow it to be done to anyone else. I think you can understand my position on this if you’ll simply apply this same line of thinking to yourself.
Further, you will not submit any reviews that may be considered to be infringing, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, obscene, profane, hateful, offensive, harmful, vulgar, distasteful or defamatory.
5. No anonymous postings

In order to provide a reliable and credible resource as it relates to products, services and providers it is important that we be able to trust the source of the opinions and information contained In the review.
In order to accomplish that registration is required.
You may use your first name and last initial for your username and postings.
To register on the site you must use your real email address. This is for registration purposes only and will not be visible in the posting or anywhere else on the site by other users or providers.
Further, your email will not be shared with anyone.
6. Providers will have the opportunity/ability to respond/reply to any comments and reviews about them

As in everything there are two sides to every story. I think it is only fair to allow providers an opportunity to qualify or refute what has been reported about them.
It is my sincere hope that if a provider sees a negative comment and it has a basis in reality then perhaps it will prompt that provider to become a better provider. In such a case EVERYONE wins.
7. Acceptance of all terms and conditions

By registering, utilizing and posting to this site you agree to all terms and conditions without exception.

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