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Nicole Rivera – Creative Solutions For All Abilities

Nicole Rivera is a great resource for ABA services!  Nicole brings energy, warmth and creativity when it comes to providing your child with ABA services. My son, Christopher, has a hard time focusing, yet when Nicole worked with him he was a different kid.  Not only was he attending better, but he was truly engaged…. Read more »

Dr. Robert Chessin – Pediatrician

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Shaina Rotstein – SLP, RDI Practitioner and Co-founder of Talk Of The Town Speech Services

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The Center For Children With Special Needs

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Lori Overland – Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup is a private practice specializing in muscle based speech and feeding therapies for children from infancy to high school.  Each of our therapists maintains an individual practice.  We have joined together to share our resources and expertise.  We are proud to say the most important result of our services is that we change… Read more »

Courtney Spencer – Attorney – Courtney Spencer Law

We have utilized Courtney’s services on several occasions now and we remain as happy with her today as when we first worked together years ago.   She was with Howard Klebanoff at the time and then went off on her own.  We went with her. in all the time that we have known and worked… Read more »