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Connecticut Special Needs Networking site

This is an excellent resource for a number of reasons.  First, it lets you know that you’re not alone. I think one of the hardest things fir my wife and myself was the feeling of isolation. Everyone’s else’s children in both our families are typical so, having a child with special needs makes you feel… Read more »

Harry Voulgarakis – BCBA

We started working with Harry through Applied Behavioral Strategies (ABS). Harry was great and was the only reason we stayed with ABS as long as we did.  Before his arrival we had planned to terminate our relationship  with ABS despite the fact that they were the only insurance approved ABA provider in our area. When… Read more »

Nicole Rivera – Creative Solutions For All Abilities

Nicole Rivera is a great resource for ABA services!  Nicole brings energy, warmth and creativity when it comes to providing your child with ABA services. My son, Christopher, has a hard time focusing, yet when Nicole worked with him he was a different kid.  Not only was he attending better, but he was truly engaged…. Read more »

Dr. Robert Chessin – Pediatrician

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Nancy Schwartz – SLP and RDI Practitioner

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