Harry Voulgarakis – BCBA

We started working with Harry through Applied Behavioral Strategies (ABS).

Harry was great and was the only reason we stayed with ABS as long as we did.  Before his arrival we had planned to terminate our relationship  with ABS despite the fact that they were the only insurance approved ABA provider in our area.

When Harry came on board good things started happening.  Communications were now timely.  Old, outdated programs were terminated and new ones started.   He  made the time to observe and critique therapists in order to make them better overall, but more importantly better in working with Christopher.   Why none of this happened before he came on board, I really don’t know, but it didn’t matter to us at that point because we now had such an awesome person working with Christopher.

With regard to Harry’s work style, when he was with Christopher he really connected with him unlike other therapists we’ve encountered.  He made things fun while drawing the best out of him.  I remember one session where he demonstrated Christopher’s use of the AAC device as a means of communication because Christopher is non-verbal.  Harry did a great job, teaching Christopher some new phrases via the device and getting him to use it without a physical or verbal prompt.  Christopher did it and you could see the look of joy on Harrys face. I don’t believe it was pride over the fact that he taught Christopher something as much as it was the fact that Christopher could do it and he was simply proud of Christopher.  Harry is genuine and I really appreciate that about him.

So, would I recommend Harry?  Yes, without reservation.