ProLoQuo2Go – AAC Software/App

This is an app for facilitating communication for non-verbal or speech challenged individuals.  It sees a lot of use on the Apple devices, but may at this time be available for other maker’s devices as well.  Since we do not use this anymore I haven’t kept up with it development.

We started with this app as it was recommended to us by our son’s old school, Foundation.  The intention was to teach Christopher to use this as his “voice” which he could use to request items but also to be used in academics and to comment on the world around him.  The software / app was very good, but without a solid plan in place, a methodology for teaching it’s use, it doesn’t matter how great the software is.  This is where fell down both at home and at school.

Since leaving foundation, and being exhaustingly tested, Christopher went on to use TouchChat, another AAC app.  This software is even better than ProLoQuo2Go as it has much flexibility built into it.  You can structure pages and buttons any way that you want, making them bigger or smaller depending on the individual’s motor skills as well as other factors.  Overall, a fantastic program, but back to ProLoQuo2Go.

Would i I recommend it? Yes, but I would also urge you to consider the TouchChat app which is actually slightly less expensive.